Matthew Budden
Video, Music & Painting



House Wind is a music and video project I began in the summer of 2018.

Videos are accompanied by prepared guitar pieces played on 12-string electric guitar.

House Wind has released 5 albums that can be heard on most streaming services.


"Where: Mouth=Nest & Words=Birds" (Vancouver, 2023)


"The Boat"  (Vancouver, 2023)


"Micropast" (Cortes Island, BC, 2023)

"Lunar Gleam = Your Face" (Vancouver, 2021)


"Painted Star" (Vancouver, 2020)


"Bushyoko" (Vancouver, 2021)


"Woman in the Dunes" (Noir Cut-Up) (2019)


"Late Snow" ("Last Year at Marienbad" Cut-Up) (2019)



"Black Plume" ("The Matrix" Cut-Up) (2020)


"Dark Sleep Other" ("No Regrets For Our Youth" Cut-Up) (2019)



"Dear Pest (Fragment of the televised funeral service for the Queen Mother)" (2019)


"Shoot (In memory of Chris Burden)" (Vancouver 2021)


"The New Telepathy" (Vancouver, 2021)


"Shakespeare Book Burning" - Shrouded Amps (Olivier's "Hamlet" Cut-Up) (2020)



Art Rock? July 7, 2023. 

Curated by KC Wei. Part of Art Rock Summer at Libby Leshgold Gallery, Vancouver

(House Wind at 1:13 and 16:17)


AK020 House Wind - Locusts Make Honey album release show, June 1, 2019, Vancouver, Canada


AK05 Magazine + Mixtape release show - Live at at 8EAST, January 26, 2019